Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baby Blue

For Love & Lemons curtsey lace blouse & love you knot bralette // Nasty Gal maxi skirt(similar here & here) // Lovestrength concho belt // Child of Wild necklace // Hunter Gatherer necklace // Converse chuck taylor

I almost name this post Monday Blue but then I decided not to, because 1. Monday is over 2. Haven't feel blue ever seen spring break started 3. Baby blue is the color of my top. I have been super refresh and relax for these past couple days(school please don't start again yet). It's still pretty chilly and rainy up here in Bay, when it's raining, mostly all I do is just reading magazines, enjoying some tea and wrap myself up with blanket in my boyfriend's bed. I meant, where is my warmer weather at? where is my sunny day at? I hate bringing all my sweaters back from my closet again. Hopefully it'd be warmer and sunnier soon so we can all have a fun beach date with our cutest cutoffs and bikinis on. Festival season is coming, though I am not planning on attending any music festivals this year(again), I sure will post some festival ideas for you guys. Xo.

Monday, March 24, 2014


This is just a random shot done by my boyfriend for no f**king reason while feeling horrible from never-ending homework and studying. Don't mind me, I am just having a little Lindsay Lohan moment..

Now I am finally done with all my finals, beach & bikini here I come!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lacy Spring

Cameo organza bomber // Endless Rose galactica crop top & floral wonder zip mesh skirt // Jimmy Choo aza pump // Karen Walker lace sunnies

I am all excited with the warmer weather, can't wait for spring break, one last week of school(aka final week) just seems like a year long, soooo stressed out and tired every fucking day. Anyway, I am really obsessed with the lace details in this outfit, super feminine and chic. Especially the mix of lace, leather, zipper and mesh on this midi skirt, though it's my first time trying midi skirt and not so used to it yet. Oh, I can't stop wearing my new bomber and sunnies(they're both on sale now!), too much perfectness.