Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Velvet

UO maxi dress & necklace // Lovestrength belt // Gypsy Warriors boots // Vintage cuffs

Sorry for being away for such a long time, I had been busy with school. It's Monday again, oh of course we wear black.

-Photos by Sean

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bold & Rose

Rihanna for River Island

As a big fan of RiRi, I am excited that the final Rihanna for River Island collection is finally out, and I am OBSESSED with it. Most items from the collections are going for the dark, leather, velvet, and floral as it's a winter collection, which is totally myyy thaannngg. These floral velvet joggers are one of my most-wanted ones, you can check out the full collection here

Also, to celebrate the final collection, River Island held a contest for all you lovers! To win the entire Rihanna for River Island Winter collection, enter here.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clear White

UNIF vapor moto // Luna B crop top // Nasty Gal heels

So finally my all white outfit is up, it's not quite a outfit for fall but yeah I finally shot it. It was freeeeezzzzing during the shoot and I kept asking my boyfriend to get it done faster(LOL). Anyway, I had been dreaming about this UNIF jacket for a while, it took me a little time to get this babe(and that's why this post came out so late). First time I got the wrong size, and second time the package was lost, my heart was almost break into pieces when I discovered it, and the jacket was sold out on where I ordered by the time package was lost, so there's no way to get the replacement... So then I contacted UPS and finally got it back, yay!
I think you guys must have seen this outfit worn by lots of different bloggers, like literally the same all-white outfit, oh well, at least I didn't wear the Zara skort in this one(though it's only because it's wayyyyy too cold for it),right? Lol!

-Photos by Sean

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kisses of A Vampire

UNIF robe // Nasty Gal maxi // Zara heels

I went to M.A.C. as a makeup model for my friend Linda's interview last Monday. As a practicing, we went to local M.A.C. store trying out their products, and a super nice lady did my makeup earlier the day I shot this outfit with Sean, and I freaking love it! Say what? I felt like a total vixen after the makeup was done. I meant.. where's my glass of wine and cigarette? LOL.
I bought this second handed UNIF robe from the babe, Dominique of style2bones. OH, seriously one of the coolest things I have in my closet now. Halloween is coming this Thursday, I may just as well wear it as a costume.

-Photos by Sean

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Old Ways Won't...

(via @lveland_)

Hard Crush

Nasty Gal moto jacket // Vintage flannel & crop tee // Gypsy Warrior boyfriend jeans // Child of Wild collar // Hunter Gatherer Jewellery neckalce // Shoe Cult bootie c/o Nasty Gal

Oh hey here's my belly again, sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable.. Lol! Anyway, I am officially in love with these boyfriend jeans by Gypsy Warrior(again! Can't deny that they make lotssss of good shit!), they're distressed, washed, oh so amazing cut & fit, literally one of the most perfect boyfriend jeans ever exist for sure.
Also super obsessed with these Shoe Cult hard crush bootie, works perfectly with basically any bottoms. Not to mentioned, they're super comfortable that I can walk around San Francisco all day long without feeling tired.

-Photos by Sean

Monday, October 14, 2013

Gypsy Warrior

Mom's faux fur vest // Gypsy Warrior bell sleeve crop top // One Teaspoon zz's // Child of Wild collar // Hunter Gatherer Jewellery eagle necklace, crystal rock necklace // Vintage belt c/o Disarming Darling // Jeffrey Campbell mulders

It was a windy day when I shot this outfit with my boyfriend, to be honest I was freezing during the shoot, but I love shooting under sunlight, it just make everything better, ugh I already miss summer.
I am wearing this ahhhhh-mazing bell sleeve crop top by one of my favorite store, Gypsy Warrior. This is my first collaboration with them and I am more than excited. I love that the sleeves of this shirt somehow lead it to a very witchy look, which I like a lot, but I was wondering if there's any way I could balance the witchy feel and make it to a everyday outfit? So I added my mom's faux fur vest, and heyyyyy, guess what? a perfect fall bohemian look! I was impress by how soft/comfortable it is, basically one stylish top's maximum level. And it's only $28! I meant wait a minute.. $28?!! Do I need to say more?
I am also super in love with this belt I got from an online vintage store by one of my favorite blogger, Brit from Disarming Darling. I haven't been able to treasure hunt since I got really busy on school work, I am glad I found this belt on her shop, I finally found a perfect belt with my size, and oh of course it works perfectly with my zz's. Hope you guys are having a great week! Xo.

-Photos by Sean

Friday, October 11, 2013

Faded Away

Wildfox sunglasses // Nasty Gal everything else

Oh hey I finally post again(right?). School finally started this week too, it just started and I already felt hella stressful, all these school work pretty much take up all my time and I even have to quit my job(which just started prolly about 2 weeks ago), I meant damn, everything just got insanely busy.
The weather is we got here in San Francisco is going down really fast as I mentioned in the last post, I am usually not a fan of pants but it's kinda hard to wear shorts or mini skirt without anything underneath. These jeans I am wearing in this post is my favorite ones in my closet, who doesn't love ombré, right? Let's say I am a big fan of almost everything ombré(you can tell by my love for das boot), I am also super picky about ombré, for my personally, the color has to be smoothly fading out just like these jeans.
These shoes by Shoe Cult are also one of my favorite, I finally got a pair of white heels in my all-black shoes collections, I love the material of these babes, also the clear heels just so perfect to pair with these jeans, fade to white then to clear.

-Photos by Sean

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fluffy for Fall

Sister's cardi(similar here// H&M top // Style Stalker biker skirt(similar here// Jeffrey Campbell mulders // Hunter Gatherer Jewellery necklace

First post of October, the weather we get here in San Francisco is getting real chillyyyyy! I got sick and my school is finally about to start, how can I handle this? Though I hate the cold(even put my home socks on already, ugh), what does it mean? #layergameison
Let's talk about this teddy bear cardi that I borrowed from my sister Chloe, if you follow my blog earlier this year, you would know I have almost exactly the same one in black(and I never noticed till now lol), I can never get over something oh so fluffy. And the skirt by Style Stalker, one of the most perfect design ever, it had been my favorite skirt since I got my hand on it. But guess what? I just found my new favorite leather skirt!(don't even think about I would love this one any less though) Who is the hottie I am talking about? Click the similar here link I provide behind the outfit details. Yes, Nasty Gal does it again. Just look at how perfect the design is? BEST LEATHER SKIRT that's ever exist, right? I already got my hand on it too, now I just can't wait till this baby come in mail to me UGHHH.

Also, these sweet boots by Jeffrey Campbell are my very recent purchase, one of my fall essentials that I had to get my hands on. Aaannnndddd of course, they soon became my favorite boots. I made a little video on Instagram for some of my new shoes(though the creepers are Chloe's), check it out on Instagram here! Song in the video is I Could Be The One by Avicii in case you're questioned.

-Photos by the one and only, Sean D.