Monday, February 11, 2013

If you were a kitty, be a bad kitty

I am wearing: Vii & Co. coat, O-mighty kitty kat dress, House of Holland super suspender tights, UNIF das boot

It was a crazily windy day, you can tell by my super messed up hair, me and Yoyo were literally shaking during the shoot! That's why we couldn't get some good photos but you know, just whatever..

I am like crazily in love with my new Kitty Kat Dress from o-mighty.com! I guarantee this is not an advertising but literally! I couldn't even describe how much I got attracted when I first see Dominique(style2bones) wear it! I love this dress so much that I almost run out the words but this dress sure is the cutest cat print I have ever seen, also I was surprised about the quality of this dress! It is super soft and comfortable that I even wore it to bed last time.
I also have to talk about the length of this dress since it's one size product, I think it is perfect but it is a little too short for me(I am only 5'2!), I personally have no problem with that since I love wearing short dresses(I have short legs and they always make my legs look longer!), but yesterday I wore it and went shopping with my mom, I got a little complains from her, but that is not the main problem, the main problem I had is when I wore this dress with my suspender tights that you see in the photos above, the black part on top of the tights was literally hanging out there in the last two photos.. But I photoshopped so yeah you can't see it.. haha

Also I remembered there is a funny story when I was ordering this dress, I don't have a card so every time I shop online I have to make my family order for me, my tweet explained everything...
and of course O-mighty retweeted it.

Overall, this is my first purchase from O-mighty and now I am seriously in love with them! Their vintage products are driving me crazy too! too much love! Make sure you lovely people check their goodies on O-mighty.com! I am sure you won't be disappointed, have a wonderful day(night) and stay tuned! Xoxo

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