Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dancing with the Wind

I am wearing: One Teaspoon tiger moth dress c/o Nasty Gal, UNIF Mary Chains

Just a simple outfit as you all can see, I am not really an accessories person, but I am trying to work on it though. Anyway, due to the perfect print of this dress, I personally think there's no accessories needed(maybe a little but... yeah). I actually got this dress a while ago during the winter time but never have chance to wear it; but summer has hit, which means it's the perfect time for this dress. I love the cut and the print! Perfect for vacation, isn't it?

I am sorry for haven't update for a while, I was actually free all the time. The thing is that I couldn't work with Yoyo anymore, because she got really busy on her new job. While I was all frustrated and lost, I found a great photographer, Isabella. She is incredible and her works amaze me all the time, I am so honored that I got a chance of working with her! She is probably going to be my stable photographer from now on till I move back to San Francisco, isn't that such a great news? It was also so fun during the shoot! If you're interested in her other artistic works, please like her Facebook page and take a little adventure here! I promise you will NOT be disappointed! 
One more time, for those who are considering getting UNIF Mary Chains, I have so many things want to share about these shoes, and I would love to offer a small review for you guys! Might be coming in one or two weeks, won't be too late so stay tuned! Hope y'all have a great start of the new week, for those who are on spring break, luck you(but I am considered as having a spring break too). Xoxo.

-Photos by Isabella Gjonzeneli

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lady in Black

I am wearing: Gypsum sunnies, Gypsy Warrior mini dress, ShopAKIRA hat, Sam Eledman zoe c/o Nasty Gal

Summer is here in Arizona, and yes, I dyed my hair black! Everyone is talking about how summer should be(such as hair is supposed to be lighter and skin be darker), well, since I don't like to follow the rules, this is what I did for summer, hopefully my skin gets lighter too. Was supposed to give you guys a surprise, but I end up posted a picture on Instagram which somehow ruined my plan(but at least I shocked my boyfriend) I would say I like blonde hair on me and I miss it right after I dyed my hair, but I didn't regret anything, things always get better, right?

Since summer is here, I decided to get my first sundress for this early summer(which means there's more sundresses coming up in future posts) I fell in love with this mini dress when I was looking through Gypsy Warrior, I love the little brass details on the top of the dress and the crochet overlay, ohh, so Coachella! But then I would say it looks a lot better on the model, it is kind of too loose on me for calling it mini dress(might because I am only 5'2), even though you can always adjust the length, I just personally think it doesn't look as good as when it's on the model, but if you like the detail about this dress like I do, definitely check out the link I post above! I am also super obsessed with circle sunglasses lately! I already got three pairs of the similar style from Michael Kors, Gypsum and Forward to All, they might be showing up a lot in future posts.


So these Mary Chain by UNIF got my heart when I first saw them released, I was crazily in love with them, I didn't care how the heels just look like my Das Boot, I just thought I need them in my life badly! I told my boyfriend that I was obsessed with these babes, guess what? A best birthday surprise!(even though it's still two months away from now) I was so happy that I could not describe. Anyway, for those who are thinking about getting these hotties, I am wondering if you guys want me to do a small review post for these? Let me know by leave a comment below or whatever way you like! Have a wonderful week, xoxo.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

When Summer Knocks On

Photos from Free People lookbook, For Love & Lemon lookbook, Chloe Resort lookbook, Blumarine lookbook, Tumblr

I am obsessed with "Coachcella" looks recently, perfect for spring and summer, it sucks that I couldn't attend Coachella but I am excited to see how people are going to dress! My spring break is officially over after tonight, not ready for school at all, I think summer took my heart.

A Little Taste of Summer

I am wearing: GOjane leapoard studded denim vest(similar here), DIY H&M shirt,UNIF axl shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Fastrane

Haven't post for more than a week, which makes me feel really weird(if you noticed I usually post at least once a week), even this post is completely random. It's not that I am busy, I am just waiting for all my clothes to arrive but none of them has arrived yet. Anyway, since I haven't done anything for the entire spring break(I literally just laid in bed 24/7 hours a day for the whole week), I couldn't stand the boredness anymore, so I decided to go thrift shopping with my lovely photographer Yoyo, which I haven't done for a really long time. So this outfit is just for thrift shopping, all easy and nothing really involved fashion trend, just one of my lazy looks. Wasn't even planning for a blog post but since I haven't post anything for a little while... Why not?

Summer has hit Arizona as soon as my spring break started, I have mentioned in last post that spring was here before my spring break, it only last for like... 3 days? Then it got really hot, yesterday was even 93 degree! Well, it's not that bad for me but think about it... It's only beginning of March guys. I meant, I couldn't image how it will be in August. But let's not think that much, weather is getting warm, ummm... Pool party time!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Don't fuck with my tribe

I am wearing: 10th Tribe violent youth beanie, Cotton On jamay singlet, UNIF axl shorts c/o Dolls Kill, Jeffrey Campbell Fastrane c/o Nasty Gal

Don't fuck with my tribe, the tribe full with the violent youths.
If you were lost in the city and accidentally broke in to our restricted area,
beware, cause we aren't the type you can mess around with.

"Welcome to the tribe," says the chief.


This outfit includes all my favorite pieces that I purchased lately, some of you might think it's too simple for a blog post.
But for myself, this outfit came up right when I saw this violent beanie launched on their Instagram, I meant, this outfit is pretty much the impression of 10th Tribe in my mind,
simple, clear, tough, black & white.

Beside the 10th Tribe beanie, I also have to talk about these Jeffrey Campbell Fastrane. Beside the design has my name on, they are absolutely comfortable to walk in. I wear them almost everyday, these babes are one of my favorites in my very small collection now.

So, tomorrow is going to be the last day before my spring break, there's nothing to be excited about because I have no plan at all. But think positively, weather in Arizona is so nice for the past couple days, I had been waiting so long for spring to come and it's finally here! Have a great weekend you all! Xoxo