Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Little Taste of Summer

I am wearing: GOjane leapoard studded denim vest(similar here), DIY H&M shirt,UNIF axl shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Fastrane

Haven't post for more than a week, which makes me feel really weird(if you noticed I usually post at least once a week), even this post is completely random. It's not that I am busy, I am just waiting for all my clothes to arrive but none of them has arrived yet. Anyway, since I haven't done anything for the entire spring break(I literally just laid in bed 24/7 hours a day for the whole week), I couldn't stand the boredness anymore, so I decided to go thrift shopping with my lovely photographer Yoyo, which I haven't done for a really long time. So this outfit is just for thrift shopping, all easy and nothing really involved fashion trend, just one of my lazy looks. Wasn't even planning for a blog post but since I haven't post anything for a little while... Why not?

Summer has hit Arizona as soon as my spring break started, I have mentioned in last post that spring was here before my spring break, it only last for like... 3 days? Then it got really hot, yesterday was even 93 degree! Well, it's not that bad for me but think about it... It's only beginning of March guys. I meant, I couldn't image how it will be in August. But let's not think that much, weather is getting warm, ummm... Pool party time!


  1. You are 1 of the few asians that can pull of blond hair! I love it on you <3

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  2. I am really positive about it

  3. love this look! I got the exact same vest on lustsforlife.com