Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dancing with the Wind

I am wearing: One Teaspoon tiger moth dress c/o Nasty Gal, UNIF Mary Chains

Just a simple outfit as you all can see, I am not really an accessories person, but I am trying to work on it though. Anyway, due to the perfect print of this dress, I personally think there's no accessories needed(maybe a little but... yeah). I actually got this dress a while ago during the winter time but never have chance to wear it; but summer has hit, which means it's the perfect time for this dress. I love the cut and the print! Perfect for vacation, isn't it?

I am sorry for haven't update for a while, I was actually free all the time. The thing is that I couldn't work with Yoyo anymore, because she got really busy on her new job. While I was all frustrated and lost, I found a great photographer, Isabella. She is incredible and her works amaze me all the time, I am so honored that I got a chance of working with her! She is probably going to be my stable photographer from now on till I move back to San Francisco, isn't that such a great news? It was also so fun during the shoot! If you're interested in her other artistic works, please like her Facebook page and take a little adventure here! I promise you will NOT be disappointed! 
One more time, for those who are considering getting UNIF Mary Chains, I have so many things want to share about these shoes, and I would love to offer a small review for you guys! Might be coming in one or two weeks, won't be too late so stay tuned! Hope y'all have a great start of the new week, for those who are on spring break, luck you(but I am considered as having a spring break too). Xoxo.

-Photos by Isabella Gjonzeneli


  1. Didnt you just post this on instagram saying you just got it?

  2. LOVE One Teaspoon and this dress is so gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for a kimono sleeve and this one is perfect.

    My Morning Starship