Thursday, March 7, 2013

Don't fuck with my tribe

I am wearing: 10th Tribe violent youth beanie, Cotton On jamay singlet, UNIF axl shorts c/o Dolls Kill, Jeffrey Campbell Fastrane c/o Nasty Gal

Don't fuck with my tribe, the tribe full with the violent youths.
If you were lost in the city and accidentally broke in to our restricted area,
beware, cause we aren't the type you can mess around with.

"Welcome to the tribe," says the chief.


This outfit includes all my favorite pieces that I purchased lately, some of you might think it's too simple for a blog post.
But for myself, this outfit came up right when I saw this violent beanie launched on their Instagram, I meant, this outfit is pretty much the impression of 10th Tribe in my mind,
simple, clear, tough, black & white.

Beside the 10th Tribe beanie, I also have to talk about these Jeffrey Campbell Fastrane. Beside the design has my name on, they are absolutely comfortable to walk in. I wear them almost everyday, these babes are one of my favorites in my very small collection now.

So, tomorrow is going to be the last day before my spring break, there's nothing to be excited about because I have no plan at all. But think positively, weather in Arizona is so nice for the past couple days, I had been waiting so long for spring to come and it's finally here! Have a great weekend you all! Xoxo


  1. love those shoes i have them too x

  2. Have you grown up yet? Or are you still just the same as you were before you put on your stilts?