Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lady in Black

I am wearing: Gypsum sunnies, Gypsy Warrior mini dress, ShopAKIRA hat, Sam Eledman zoe c/o Nasty Gal

Summer is here in Arizona, and yes, I dyed my hair black! Everyone is talking about how summer should be(such as hair is supposed to be lighter and skin be darker), well, since I don't like to follow the rules, this is what I did for summer, hopefully my skin gets lighter too. Was supposed to give you guys a surprise, but I end up posted a picture on Instagram which somehow ruined my plan(but at least I shocked my boyfriend) I would say I like blonde hair on me and I miss it right after I dyed my hair, but I didn't regret anything, things always get better, right?

Since summer is here, I decided to get my first sundress for this early summer(which means there's more sundresses coming up in future posts) I fell in love with this mini dress when I was looking through Gypsy Warrior, I love the little brass details on the top of the dress and the crochet overlay, ohh, so Coachella! But then I would say it looks a lot better on the model, it is kind of too loose on me for calling it mini dress(might because I am only 5'2), even though you can always adjust the length, I just personally think it doesn't look as good as when it's on the model, but if you like the detail about this dress like I do, definitely check out the link I post above! I am also super obsessed with circle sunglasses lately! I already got three pairs of the similar style from Michael Kors, Gypsum and Forward to All, they might be showing up a lot in future posts.


So these Mary Chain by UNIF got my heart when I first saw them released, I was crazily in love with them, I didn't care how the heels just look like my Das Boot, I just thought I need them in my life badly! I told my boyfriend that I was obsessed with these babes, guess what? A best birthday surprise!(even though it's still two months away from now) I was so happy that I could not describe. Anyway, for those who are thinking about getting these hotties, I am wondering if you guys want me to do a small review post for these? Let me know by leave a comment below or whatever way you like! Have a wonderful week, xoxo.

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