Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shadow of the Clouds

I am wearing: Lonely Clothing tie dye muscle tee, One Teaspoon eagle shadow bikini top c/o Nasty Gal, UNIF reaper shorts c/o Threadsence, Fox House talon bangle, UNIF das boots

I know I have been off for a while, during the days I wasn't here I can honestly say I had a hard time, all the shitty things happened to me at once... People are too overrated. And I was so overheated, literally put all the emotions on my poor boyfriend, but he's an amazing dude for being patient instead of getting sick of me, I love him. Oh, one of the things I would tell is that I was going to Coachella week 2 but at the very last minute I realized my schedule doesn't work out... While my plan was all set. Yup, sucks for me.

Anyway, look at how cute this muscle tee is! I can tell you I was never a tie dye shirts fan unless it's black, white or grey(I said shirts, if it comes to denim shorts then it's a different story), but for some reasons this one got my eyes, the more I look at it the more I love it, I think the tie dye print of this shirt looks like the sky after storms, isn't it just so pretty? Beside the print, isn't the cut so cute? Like it's meant to wear with my eagle shadow top(or say superman bodice, same thing) or something... Since I mentioned the eagle shadow bikini, I want it for like a year and I FINALLY got my hands on them! Ugh, couldn't get over how perfect they are. So, finally the shorts part.. If I have to talk about these shorts, I meant what? No words are needed for them. I fell in love as soon as I got them, of course, they become my favorite denim shorts, I never want to take them off. But! I am still thinking about my dream denim shorts ZZ's cutoff by One Teaspoon, I want the acid stone ones or/and hunger(croc blue) ones, but my size are sold out everywhere for both, I meant of course, so not surprised.

I am super jealous of the people who are at Coacella week 1 now, looking through all these Instagram updates... Jealousy overload haha. Hope y'all are having an amazing weekend! If you are at Coachella like everyone else, you suck. Just kidding, you're amazing for reading this during the wonderful event, hope you enjoy! For those who doesn't go, don't be upset, at least I am here with you. Xoxo.

-Photos by Ana Morrison


  1. you have AMAZING style, girl!
    I think you should be one of the most famous fashion bloggers like Chiara or Kayture!!
    love your blog so much!<3
    Emma xx

  2. you're so damn cool, rear! im now your fans!