Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flower Power

wearing: Filthy Rich Beautiful flower crownFor Love & Lemons dress, Minc Collections necklace & rings, Jeffrey Campbell boots c/o Free People

So after a super busy week, I am finally back here again. I love being busy though,so I will complain less on Twitter(but really). Why am I so busy? For those who don't know, I am a high school senior and graduating tomorrow(yeah I know I am a lil baby but don't call me that unless I love you), I was busy on studying for finals and all these graduation stuff. Oh, I am also busy on packing my stuff for moving back to San Francisco with my sister and my boyfriend, life is getting REAL good man.(cantstopwontstop~)

This post is my last shoot with Isabella like ever(since I am moving this Saturday), which made me really sad, she became my favorite photographer since I met her, her passion for photography is just like mine towards fashion and blogging.. Which is really really strong. You don't even understand, I dreamed about blogging more than two years before I actually started(but then I realized it wasn't really that hard but it is also kinda hard, for me personally of course).

Okay, let's talk about the outfit(I suppose). I won this For Love & Lemons day tripper dress from their Instagram contest, I swear I am too blessed, I literally screamed when I woke up seeing my notification(duh). It's even more beautiful in person, I feel like a valley princess every time I wear it. The cut and print of the dress are the most perfect ever in my whole closet. But then again, does For Love & Lemons ever disappointed anyone?(No)
Oh, you think I will forget to find the link for you guys just because I won it? Silly you because no, they don't have this dress on their online store now but it is available on Nasty Gal!

And if you know me from Instagram, you can definitely tell I am obsessed with crystals, why is that? I can't really give you an answer. I don't know, my messed up mind just seems to be clarified by seeing all these beautiful crystals. Okay, I will call it magic here. When I received the care package from Minc Collections, I was obsessed. But really, just look at how beautiful these stones are? Thussssssss, they're showing up a lot in the future posts, I don't care. Minc Collections is also launching new jewelries collection too, be sure you follow them on Instagram and stay tuned!

Oh btw, Monday was my birthday, I am legal now haha! Thanks to everyone who wishes me happy birthday! No matter you did on Facebook or Instagram, I love you guys!
I had the birthday dinner at Roy's, it's Hawaiian and it's amazingly delicious.


  1. Happy birthday!! :)
    I do love your style, you look so so cute in these pictures! folloing you via Bloglovin right now :):)

  2. What is that ?? Very lovely things!! Anw, i love ur style !!! Would u like to follow each other ? ;)