Monday, June 24, 2013

Blue Jeans

wearing: ShopAKIRA crop top, One Teaspoon jeans, Nasty Gal shoes

Before I start anything, please excuse my stomach, I have to be honest to y'all that I haven't work out at all for the longest time ever...(like really). This is first time I wear crop top without wearing high-waisted bottom(while having the worst body shape in probably my entire life lol didn't even know why I made this decision) but ya know.. I am always like whatever/fuck it every time I make bad decision. Ummm...
This crop top is my first turtle-neck top ever, I was actually very nervous if I could pull it off when I first received it from ShopAkira(let me tell you a lil secret, they have so much more cute stuff that I didn't have chances to introduce to y'all, so check them out!), and it looks cuter than expected, black & white prints.. ugh classic as fuck. And these jeans.. seriously the best thing ever! Cutest color, print and oh super baggy. If you're considering buying these babes, I would suggest you 2 size down(mine is one size down because it's the smallest they have). And let's also talk about these shoes.. If you follow me on  Instagram(@fetteredmonster) you would know I got these babes a while ago and I almost wear them every freaking day even they hurt my feet sometimes(damnnit). But aren't they the most amazing shoes ever?(plus the price is perrrrrrfect!) I seriously have the biggest crush on them. Oh I am such a fan girl of  By Nasty Gal collections, it just got better and better and you need to check it out.

-Photos by Yaoxiang Z.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Black, white & Flowers

wearing: Zara leather jacket, top & skorts, Bebaroque tattoo tights, Unif shoes, Minc Collections necklace

First shoot in the crazily hot & humid city, I swear I almost passed out in this leather jacket(but it doesn't stop my love for this motherfucking perfect babe). Sorry for being MIA, I have been looking for photographers so I can update my blog, Instgram, etc. It was a little hard for me since I don't really know anyone from this city anymore(yes I was here), but luckily I met a really kind photographer that's friend of my friend(but he's not even really my friend.. or say Facebook friend LOL) It was so hard for me and the photographer during the shoot because both of us seriously felt like we were gonna die in this freaking crazy weather. And I can't believe I will be in this place for one more fucking month... I miss everyone in US soooo much :(
You think my shittalk is done? Nope.(more like I can't stop wth) DID YOU GUYS SEE HOW PERFECT THESE TATTOO TIGHTS ARE? I was seriously too amazed when I first received the package from Bebaroque, I have known Bebaroque for such a long time and I love every designs they have(not joking at all), they're all so beautiful and oh so luxury & unreal. Be sure you checked out their cite and Instagram(@bebaroque) because they sure will amaze you like how they did to me.. You guys know that good shit will last forever and that's how their stuffs are... haha!(but really)

Photos by the awesome Yaoxiang Z.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Animal Prints (LA trip photo diary)

wearing: Wonderland Honolulu kimono, Cotton on tank, One Teaspoon shorts(rollers), Vintage boots, Etsy boot chain

Quick shoot done by my boyfriend(the first time!) before I left for my Asia trip, it was hellaaaaaaa windy in San Francisco, I swear I almost die in this super southern cali(aka perfect weather) outfit. I was literally shaking during the shoot, we tried to shoot more outfits, but it was just impossible so blah, whatever.
As you guys know I have been crazily obsessed with boho style and keep hunting for good kimonos, I would have to say Wonderland HNL seriously have the cutest ones, especially their print, pretty Hawaiian style(what I thought I would never be in love with but haha I end up went crazy for it) and everything from their store is cuteee asssss helll man. And this one thing I really like about Wonderland HNL is they barely have same products, so once it's sold, then you won't see it again. And all the products are HANDMADE, it's just amazing, you know. If you're gonna ask me what kimonos I recommend from their shop, I would say this and this, and beside the kimonos I also love this, this and this. I told you I love literally EVERYTHING from their store, like, best prints ever, right? I think I am getting their pom pom shorts soon too.
At the same time I am writing this post, I am already in Taiwan, it's way too humid here, and never stop raining, ugh rain is that one thing I can't stand. But today is my first day here so hopefully everything gets better. 

-Photos by my amazing man Sean D.

Ugh btw, I went to LA for three days, I met StephanieSierra and Eugenie(from feralcreature.com), it was soooo amazing meeting these people from Internet(Internet friendzz are da best friendz), it was also amazing realizing how similar you are with these people you never seen in person before. They really are my favorite people and I cannot wait to meet them again(or just say why don't I live in LA, right?). There are so much more people I would like to meet but time didn't allow me to do that, but I am looking forward my next LA trip!(Hopefully I could meet everyone I love)

Here is the little iPhone snaps diary from the trip with these lovely people.
Right after I got picked up by Stephanie from the airport, we went to her shoot for Maricela Marcel.

Watching this beautiful creature shooting, it was too much hotness.

Then dinner at In & Out.

The second day, after Stephanie went to work, I met Sierra and Eugenie. And we went to Tarte Vintage together for Sierra's shooting w/ them.(And of course I am wearing this kimono like whattttt I wear it 24/7)

Korean BBQ w/ my little Instagram family!(It's so damn good, it's crazy)

This one is my favorite picture of us all, seriously, look at how beautiful these people are.

I hung out with Sierra on the third day, we went to the "Urth Caffee," but there were too crowded we couldn't stay so we took a photo of our coffee.(like they're something holy LOL)

The cutest Sierra driving <3 (I am such a creep haha)

After we went to Little Tokyo, these macaroons are what I got. We went to her shoot with Sam after.(Yes, shoot again haha)

Then Sierra had to drive home :(

Me and Eugenie and her friends went to club together, it was too much fun and I did something super stupid but hey I swear I wasn't trying to lick her, idk what was going on haha

Hung out with Eugenie on the last day, we went to this nice restaurant(I forgot the name of it) in Beverly Hills, and my food was good.

It was so great meeting these people, special thanks to Stephanie and her boyfriend Vincent booking hotel for me and taking care of me, Sierra for taking me hanging around downtown LA and showing me cool stuff there, Eugenie for going through all the shit I've done and taking really good care of me and not complaining. I meant guys, I seriously love you too much! Can't wait to see you guys again as soon as I could!