Monday, June 24, 2013

Blue Jeans

wearing: ShopAKIRA crop top, One Teaspoon jeans, Nasty Gal shoes

Before I start anything, please excuse my stomach, I have to be honest to y'all that I haven't work out at all for the longest time ever...(like really). This is first time I wear crop top without wearing high-waisted bottom(while having the worst body shape in probably my entire life lol didn't even know why I made this decision) but ya know.. I am always like whatever/fuck it every time I make bad decision. Ummm...
This crop top is my first turtle-neck top ever, I was actually very nervous if I could pull it off when I first received it from ShopAkira(let me tell you a lil secret, they have so much more cute stuff that I didn't have chances to introduce to y'all, so check them out!), and it looks cuter than expected, black & white prints.. ugh classic as fuck. And these jeans.. seriously the best thing ever! Cutest color, print and oh super baggy. If you're considering buying these babes, I would suggest you 2 size down(mine is one size down because it's the smallest they have). And let's also talk about these shoes.. If you follow me on  Instagram(@fetteredmonster) you would know I got these babes a while ago and I almost wear them every freaking day even they hurt my feet sometimes(damnnit). But aren't they the most amazing shoes ever?(plus the price is perrrrrrfect!) I seriously have the biggest crush on them. Oh I am such a fan girl of  By Nasty Gal collections, it just got better and better and you need to check it out.

-Photos by Yaoxiang Z.

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  1. Love the jeans! You've got such a great style.
    Always beautiful.

    PARIS // @CharcoalAlley