Friday, October 11, 2013

Faded Away

Wildfox sunglasses // Nasty Gal everything else

Oh hey I finally post again(right?). School finally started this week too, it just started and I already felt hella stressful, all these school work pretty much take up all my time and I even have to quit my job(which just started prolly about 2 weeks ago), I meant damn, everything just got insanely busy.
The weather is we got here in San Francisco is going down really fast as I mentioned in the last post, I am usually not a fan of pants but it's kinda hard to wear shorts or mini skirt without anything underneath. These jeans I am wearing in this post is my favorite ones in my closet, who doesn't love ombré, right? Let's say I am a big fan of almost everything ombré(you can tell by my love for das boot), I am also super picky about ombré, for my personally, the color has to be smoothly fading out just like these jeans.
These shoes by Shoe Cult are also one of my favorite, I finally got a pair of white heels in my all-black shoes collections, I love the material of these babes, also the clear heels just so perfect to pair with these jeans, fade to white then to clear.

-Photos by Sean


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