Monday, April 28, 2014

Fringe Benefits

Spell Designs tassel cardi(similar here), Vintage harley shirt, H&M Conscious Collection skirt(similar here), Street Level fringe purse

As if Coachella season is not over yet.. It's just me being a little upset about missing the event... JK. Definitely not whining about shit no more. my lady Jenny from Street Level sent me this perfect fringe bag a while ago for me to rock during Coachella(though I didn't end up going), I can tell you that I am literally obsessed with it. I meant, it's fringed, suede and it can also wear as a backpack, let's say it basically beats all the fringe purses I have in my closet. Their bags are all over some of my fav retail stores(Free People, Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Francescas... and more), so definitely check out their Instagram @streetlevelbags and website.
I am really busy recently because of moving and preparing my new online store, so excited to bring you guys some goodness, so definitely check it out when it's up. Hope y'all have a wonderful week. Xo.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ride to Live

Bandit Brand muscle tee // Bad Vibes vegan croc shorts // Child of Wild necklace // Vintage bracelets

Even though the title sounds like this post should be in the wild riding on a harley(I can only dream about the life like that) but it's just a simple post shot in my boyfriend's place due to the fact it was way too cold for this outfit when I shot these photos. But weather here in Bay has gone way much better than ever! I can totally feel summer is on its way to hit us, excited!
Haven't been post in a little while because I was super busy, went to LA last weekend and still missed Coachella, was literally going(even had the tickets ready) but literally upset when I didn't make it there. I still had a good time in LA though even it was only three days, I finally got to meet up with my love Michelle from Wicked Tides, I meant how come we didn't take selfies together or what? But I am sure it's the first of many(so be prepared for our selfies and shit).
Also my spring break was officially over(which makes me really sad). Though first week of the new quarter already made me exhausted like it always did, I am still pretty excited about it somehow, it feels like something new is happening or maybe it's just because summer. Ah, btw, me and my boyfriend are planning on moving to a new place around June, lots of works to do before it all started. I also have a surprise on its way to you guys, be ready! It's going to be super busy for me for a couple months, hopefully I will see you guys soon. Xo. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baby Blue

For Love & Lemons curtsey lace blouse & love you knot bralette // Nasty Gal maxi skirt(similar here & here) // Lovestrength concho belt // Child of Wild necklace // Hunter Gatherer necklace // Converse chuck taylor

I almost name this post Monday Blue but then I decided not to, because 1. Monday is over 2. Haven't feel blue ever seen spring break started 3. Baby blue is the color of my top. I have been super refresh and relax for these past couple days(school please don't start again yet). It's still pretty chilly and rainy up here in Bay, when it's raining, mostly all I do is just reading magazines, enjoying some tea and wrap myself up with blanket in my boyfriend's bed. I meant, where is my warmer weather at? where is my sunny day at? I hate bringing all my sweaters back from my closet again. Hopefully it'd be warmer and sunnier soon so we can all have a fun beach date with our cutest cutoffs and bikinis on. Festival season is coming, though I am not planning on attending any music festivals this year(again), I sure will post some festival ideas for you guys. Xo.