Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rain and Shine

(Kimono - Wonderland Honolulu, Top - Bandit Brand, Shorts - Wonderland Honolulu)

Just when I thought winter is almost over, the rain hits the Bay again. This is my first shoot I've ever done in my new apartment(cuz it's raining outside duh). Though the lighting was horrible, me and Sean tried to work it out. I was really excited when I got email from Jess of Wonderland Honolulu, it's crazy that it has been two years since our last collab. I am loving these shorts that combine my favorite pom pom and leopard printz, just wishing summer could come sooner so I could wear these around. I know I have been missing forever, trying to keep up with you guys as well but I am on Instagram(@fetteredmonster) more often, so follow me if you're wondering what am I doing when I'm not on blog. I have a couple winter outfits ready to share with you guys just before it officially over though, so stay tuned! Xx.

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